Contemporary Uses for Silver

31st May 2019

Sterling silver can be a wonderful addition to contemporary life! The many uses of silver go far beyond the biannual appearances to grace our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner tables!

Sterling silver is a perfect addition to our everyday lives. By storing your flatware where it is easily accessible and washing it in your dishwasher, a lovely touch of elegance can be added to your everyday life! Additionally, everyday use helps maintain silver’s shine and also retards tarnish.

Many of our silver hollowware pieces lend themselves to more contemporary uses as well.

  • Our once loved and perhaps dented bay cups can be used as the perfect bathroom and bedside cup or perhaps the ideal home for QTips near your makeup.
  • Bread trays can provide the perfect display for hand towels in your guest bathroom. They are also the perfect shape for use as a silverware caddie.
  • Mint julep cups are a wonderful tradition of our southern heritage, perhaps bringing to mind wide brimmed hats, thoroughbred horses, spring, and the Derby. However, uses for our beloved julep cups extend far beyond that celebratory weekend in May! They become lovely receptacles for spring and summer flowers, accommodating even large tables with the use of multiple juleps. They can also serve as holders for makeup brushes, bar utensils, or even a cup for the pocket change!
  • Large punch bowls are always good! Perfect for chilling wine, housing floral arrangements or beautiful orchids are today’s ideas for putting those wonderful silver pieces to a more modern use.